I Quit Cold Turkey [Part One]

I Quit Cold Turkey [Part One]

But I didn’t want to!!!! Nope, I didn’t quit smoking, drinking, gambling, chocolate (that’s not to say I have issues with any of those vices…lol) or any of the other things usually given up for New Year’s resolutions…I gave up my INTERNET!!  AAAaaarrggghhh!  Due to a really pretty but otherwise annoying and cold snow/ice storm we lost our internet.  Oh yeah, and our power too.  I was cold, but I could have typed!  Here’s how it all happened  (we’ll pretend this is interesting, mmm k?)

It was the weekend before Christmas and we were having the most beautiful snow fall.  The kids got to go out and play in it and I got some great shots, always a bonus. No school, no work, deck the halls blah blah blah fast forward.  The storm started getting pretty nasty and we had lots and lots of ice making it hard on drivers and on trees in all of the neighborhoods.  Trees were splitting from the weight of the ice holding some of the limbs down, it was pretty amazing.  Both my momma and the Big C said it was something they would have seen back East, not here.  I’ve been here since 94 and I’ve never seen a snow storm this powerful.  Anyway…my daughter was out in the backyard and I heard a huge KA BOOM and then her scream.  I ran to the back and she was OK but a neighbor’s tree snapped and took out our power lines ripping the conduit right off of the wall.  The lines didn’t snap, thank goodness, but it was precarious.  So we all stood around chattering the way people do when something exciting and out of the ordinary happens and then, blam.  No power.  OK.  So we call the power company and were told 80 homes in the area were affected.  We lose power at least twice a year and it’s always the same 80 homes that are affected, on our side of the street and back.  So the people across the street have heat, TV, lights and you can see them in their picture windows walking around using all sorts of appliances and laughing, mu ha ha ha ha.  Stretching and rubbing there bellies after using the microwave and eating that yummy popcorn, changing the channels on their TVs and laughing so hard with the reflection of the TV light on their faces…oh yeah.  Back to the story. sigh.  They just pissed me off ya know? Anyway, we packed up my daughter and her new baby, The Nugget and sent them over to her fiance’s aunt and uncle’s house for the night.  It was rapidly becoming colder and colder in our drafty “gonna fix that before next winter” house.  One hour later they lost power.  This was rapidly changing from an annoyance to a something to worry about.  We sent my momma and The Bean to my brother’s house about a half hour away and it’s a good thing we did at that time because soon after the roads were undrivable.

The Big C and I decided to stay with the house, we didn’t want to leave it open to burglars. And, we have a little chinese crested named Dobbie that everyone in my family DESPISES.  No one wanted to take the Dob in.  And he’s bald.  We would have come home to a dogsicle.  Soo, since I was flaring like nobodies business (of course, why wouldn’t I be?) I stayed under the covers in bed downstairs.  The lowest temp that that one got was 49 degrees, our middle level where the living room and kitchen are was 40 and the top where the other bedrooms and bathroom is was about 35.  It was cold.  We couldn’t use our wood stove, that was one of those things we were going to get fixed by ‘next winter’ and we have a fireplace that is more form than function.  It’s a corner fireplace so it’s open on 2 sides and it doesn’t kick out much heat, but in the evening’s Big would start a fire and we would sit there and talk.  It was nice.  I even held Dobbie in front of the fireplace with us. ( He smells.  No matter what you wash him with, eeuw.)  So now we are getting close to Christmas and our house is a mess, our family is spread out all over the place, I’m in need of a shower in the worst way, and electricity is not looking like it’s going to happen soon.  Chuck decides that he can’t take it one more day and goes upstairs to get into the shower.  Right as I hear a few high pitch screams (he’ll deny that) the electric company comes to the door!!!  And I wish C was standing next to me because the little guy that was doing all the talking was a prick.  So we got into it, verbally I mean.  He told me that he was turning the power back on to the other 79 homes, but not us because out conduit was broken and our meter was hanging off of the wall, and didn’t I know this was dangerous??  Um yeah.  We called and told you people that it was hanging

, but before we could fix it, you had to remove the branches that were on top of it.  Electric Co.’s responsibility.  THEN we could get an electrician out here to fix it.  He told me if I thought they were going to cut down branches, I was so wrong.  He was a walking, talking, woman-hating dingleberry.  That’s just a partial assessment, I don’t want to waste anymore type time on that wiener.  So, I go out back where they are working on getting the wire up temporarily until we get the electrician out.  Then the other guy says, as soon as the electrician finishes the work, HE has to call us and let us know and then we will come out and “warm you up”.  Well, that sounded so good since I couldn’t remember my last shower and by this time I had my own protective coating.  LOL! I’m sorry, that phrase always makes me laugh, protective coating…ah haahhh. k. Well, this post is turning out to be really looooonnngggg, so I’m going to end it here with a part II for tomorrow.  I’m going to put in a few shots of the ice storm, it was truly beautiful!

2 thoughts on “I Quit Cold Turkey [Part One]

  1. Hey Julie,
    I’m glad you stumbled across me! I haven’t been posting much lately, I think I’ve let depression get the best of me, grrr. I’m coming back slowly but surely 🙂
    I have spoken with dozens of people who were actually told it was ‘all in their head’ or that they just needed to de-stress, exercise more, and lose weight. Ha! It’s like the doctors’ 3 answers to everything. I’m also really glad that you got a timely diagnosis. Many people don’t and a lot of damage is done by the time they get a doc to take them seriously and run some tests that are outside of the box.
    After reading what your employer has done to you I got good and pissed. Gah! It’s more common than you would think hun. You do have recourse though. I belong to a group at Revolution Health and it’s called For Health’s Sake, Know Your Rights! and it is owned and run by a brilliant woman who is a lawyer and has also been chronically ill for 30 years. She is an excellent advocate and an endless supply of information. She has her own website also if you don’t feel like joining Revolution Health (I love RH) her web address is http://www.advocacyforpatients.org She’s pretty amazing and is the type of person that will help anyone who was wronged in the workplace. OK, now I’ve written you a book, I hope you come back and read this!
    Know that you are not alone, it sucks but there are so many of us out there battling our own bodies. If you ever need to talk, come on back and drop me a line. I’ll shoot you my email addy.
    take care and be well,

  2. Michelle, I literally stumbled upon your website through a google search. I want to thank you for sharing. I am glad to know that I am not alone when it come to this autoimmune stuff. In March of 08 I was diagnosies with a very rare autoimmune disorder that caused my lungs to bleed. Prior to this I was going through like cycles, yet all the doctors said I was fine. I was literally beginning to think it was all in my head. After testing, RA factor was thorugh the roof, physician decided that this type of auto immune disorder was only 4 known cases in the US since 1970. The placed I’ve worked for about 8 years decided not to accommodate my now disability, and the regime of immunosupressents drugs and terminated my employement. My ADA request was for an enclosed office to help reduce my risk of exposure to cold, flu ect. I was told it was not in the budget for one. Ugh… I did not ask for this, the predisone they cytoxan and oxygen that goes with this.

    Michelle, I can so relate to insomina, I am getting about 4 hours max a night. I want to thank you for you website as it helped me know that I am not alone as a single person. Thanks again.

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