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Day: April 1, 2009

New Ad Campaign for Lupus Awareness!

New Ad Campaign for Lupus Awareness!

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Hey everyone, I’ve been ‘offline’ for quite a while now.  I got hit by a flare that overpowered me, physically and mentally.  I’ll be posting about all of that fun stuff later.  First I wanted to get the word out about this exciting new campaign!

Are there any America’s Next Top Model’s fans out there?  I was hooked on the first couple of seasons.  Yes, I am a reality show junkie.  Well, Mercedes Yvette is the spokesperson for the LFA (she suffers from lupus) and was also a contestant on ANTM in cycle 2.  I always wondered why they called them cycles instead of seasons…must be a modeling thing, lol.  In Washington DC yesterday Mercedes (representing the LFA), the National Ad Campaign and The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office on Women’s Health launched a new national lupus public awareness campaign.  Wee hoooo!  I get excited over this stuff folks!

The new campaign is setting out to help the public understand the disease, know about early warning signs for people at risk for the disease so that they can seek early treatment.  I am so excited about this. With the way things are progressing, I hope that soon everyone in this country knows what lupus is, does, and can do.

****Here’s a link to the campaign,, check it out!

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**** sorry, I posted the wrong web address earlier, I have it fixed…now go check it out!  🙂

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