Easter naps, fat legs, and Bowie

Easter naps, fat legs, and Bowie

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I spent this Easter in bed, dozing off and on with the laptop sliding off of my legs every now and then.  Not my ideal Easter.  The Big C cooked a delicious ham with all the fixins- and I slept.  The kids had an egg hunt, and I slept through it.  A few of my grandkids got overly boisterous and got time out, I slept through it… lol.

I’m so tired of being sick and tired.  And yes, I know that expression is tired, but it’s so freakin true. I haven’t been around much because I’m afraid to just blog about negative stuff, or sound like I’m whining.  Each day I think about a post and I end up not doing it either because I am too sick, or too depressed.  I refuse to let that get the best of me!!  So every once in a while there will be a post with a lot of whining and bitching…no big deal, right?

Here I go…it’s been rough.  I go back to the doc’s tomorrow to get some more blood work done.  I have to go once a week now.  A few weeks back my legs blew up like two giant tree trunks.  Except when you pushed on the trees, it left an impression like on those bed commercials for the foam mattresses.  Eww.  It’s called pitting edema.  Of course it is, it sounds so hot! A couple of days before they became really bad I saw my rheumatologist and he thought the slight swelling was from the inflammation.  A few days after that and they are trunks.  I go in to see my PCP who exclaims “Whoa!! I’m surprised you aren’t in the hospital with heart failure or a stroke.  Then he looks at the Big C and says, she is a candidate for those with the amount of fluids she has in her.”  [To go back a bit-I’ve put on 50 pounds since January and no one could figure out how.  I’m not eating differently.]  Sooo, I am rushed into x-ray to see if there is water around my heart, and then to the lab to draw blood to see if there is heart failure. whaa??  By now I am a wreck and I’ve got a shot of morphine in me to boot because my feet and knees were hurting so bad I could barely walk.  Good news is no heart involvement.  Bad news is I’ve got to keep taking Lasix until I pee all of the water out.  Well, after about a week, it’s just not working anymore.  I go in to see him today.  I looked up edema and read that you can have it in your abdominal cavity, not a good thing, and I secretly wish that’s why my stomach is so freakishly large.  Not so secretly anymore.  My stomach is HUGE.  I look about 7 months along. sigh.  I’m going to ask him to check and see if I have edema in my abs


, he’s going to think I’m crazy, again, but I don’t care at this point.

I’m now taking methotrexate injections for the RA along with the plaquenil and prednisone.  Oh man, I really, really wanted it to work out.  I’ve heard so many people say that metho changed their lives.  That they could walk around with no pain and get up in the morning and just ‘spring’ into the shower.  It hasn’t done that for me.  I tried it last year and had a side effect of freezing leg bones (pain) but my small fiber neuropathy wasn’t under control then.  So when we discussed trying it again I figured, sure.  It probably was the SFN that made me feel that way.  Well, I’m sad to say that I have never been sicker since going back on it.  So I told the Big C not to give me my shot this week.  I’m going to have to call my rheumy and tell him it’s time to try something else.   I’m going to talk to him about changing medications for my RA.  I don’t know if I posted this or not, but he believes that with all the rashes and fevers that I’ve been having and some other symptoms that I have Adult Onset Still’s disease.  Of course!  All you auto’s out there know that the diseases come in groups.  It’s like you can’t just have one!  Lays…remember that commercial?

OK, if you’ve made it this far through all of my bitching and whining and poor grammar then you get the Bowie award!!!  Well, you get to watch a video with David Bowie in it that is freakin hilarious!!!

I have a large blog list that I read.  (I need to update my blogroll and my sites for sickies)  One of those is House of Jules.  Oh man, too funny funny!!  Humor is SO important when you are chronically ill, and I absolutely love this blog.  I was jumping around reading this and that and I came to this post on House of Jules site and I laughed like I haven’t in weeks.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did  🙂  Until next time



Thanks to Warm ‘n Fuzzy for the Flickr photo!

2 thoughts on “Easter naps, fat legs, and Bowie

  1. Hey Miss Waxie,
    Good to meet ya! And yep, it is so bittersweet isn’t it to find someone you can relate to because of the disease and yet you wish that no one ever had to go through the same thing as you. It sucks that there is any such thing as our bodies having the ability to attack ourselves, but they do, and we need all the friends we can get that can empathize with all of the ups and downs. So- glad you found this blog 🙂

    That’s such a good idea to have some humor round hya! I’ll stop by and check you out. I’m always up for a good laugh, sometimes they are too few and far between! Thanks for the well wishes btw, I’m prayin for a break!

    take care and be well

  2. Oh my goodness.

    I just found your blog and wow – such a mix of emotions. I’m so glad to find other people with the same insane host of autoimmune ailments as me, I’m so sorry to hear there are others at the same time. Usually AIs group in twos or threes, but those of us in the 4 + catagory, well there’s got to be some kind of special prize for that, right?

    I’m really glad to hear you DONT have water around your heart – how horrifying – I certainly hope you have better days ahead.

    I recently started writing about my experience with chronic illness – a comic look at autoimmune disease – in a comic! It’s called “A Comic Life, Indeed” and you can find it at http://acomiclifeindeed.wordpress.com I was searching for good autoimmune blog resources to add to my blog roll, which is how I happened on your site, and boy am I glad I did!

    I hope you’re feeling a bit better soon! (and of course, anyone who likes david bowie is a friend of mine! 🙂 )

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