Thank You Rob Thomas for giving us Her Diamonds!!

Thank You Rob Thomas for giving us Her Diamonds!!

I am so glad I saw something about this on Facebook.  Here is an excerpt from the bio on Rob Thomas’ website:

The album’s first single, the kaleidoscopic “Her Diamonds,” is the most personal song Thomas has yet committed to disc. Rob’s wife Marisol is courageously battling an autoimmune disease, and “Her Diamonds” was written “about a couple dealing with that on a day-to-day basis,” explains Thomas. “There’s an incredible amount of sadness that comes with something like that. There are moments where I think I flirted with a thinner personal line than I’ve ever done before, but, really, I’m writing a song about how people deal with hard times, and that hard time is universal, that hard time can be anything.”

That gift of turning the personal into the universal has long been a hallmark of Rob’s work. “If I can take a specific moment in my life and write about how that moment makes me feel – not about the moment, but the way the moment makes me feel, all of a sudden I’m in a territory where a lot of people can understand that. A lot of people understand that feeling; they have other things in their life that make them feel that way. If I write ‘3am’ about my mother dealing with cancer, that’s a very specific moment, but if I write about how that made me feel, then it opens up and it becomes a universal moment.”

I went to the site and watched the video “Her Diamonds“.  Wow.  Writing a song about his wife’s illness and how it feels is really intimate and I’m so glad he did it.  It opens up conversation about autoimmune disease to his fans.  What is it?  Which one does she have? etc.  It must have been hard to open up their personal life and talk about his wife’s battle with autoimmune disease and how it affects both of them.  I wonder if she wanted him to

, to help the cause.  I wish I could say thank you to him personally, I can’t so I will just say it here.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart-thank you.  My husband and I watched your video and were both so touched.  You nailed it right on the head.

I’ve always said if more famous people would speak about autoimmune disease, the population would be soon asking questions about autoimmunity.  We really need more press and exposure.  A lot of you know that there have been no new meds for lupus in 50 years.  That’s just inexcusable.  That’s just one example of how autoimmune diseases are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to exposure, research dollars, and just plain understanding.  How many people live with the pain and fear of their body’s attack on their body.  Even that sentence doesn’t seem to make sense.  None of it does.  It’s so random.

Done, off my soapbox now.  This is a video of Rob Thomas performing this song Her Diamonds live on the Ellen Show.  To see the video of the song, you can go to his website at and click on the videos tab, or just click here.  🙂



*******UPDATE*******I added his video, Her Diamonds to my vodpod on the left side of the blog.  It is the first video in the lupus vids.  Have fun!!  Even though I want everyone to hear this song and talk about it, the song kicks ass. It doesn’t need a small town blogger trying to sell it.  Enjoy!


35 thoughts on “Thank You Rob Thomas for giving us Her Diamonds!!

  1. From the same album, the song “Ever the Same” is about a night where his wife fell asleep sobbing in his lap. He wrote the song about that moment when they were at the lowest point. Makes me cry everytime.

    1. Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t know that. Isn’t it amazing. the power of music to touch the people? It’s a bonus when it teaches someone something too. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing that with me.

  2. Hey Vanessa,
    Thanks for stopping by. And yes, God bless Rob and Marisol. =) I’m sorry that you, and anyone else ever has to go through any of it.

  3. God bless Rob and Marisol Thomas for sharing something so personal. I know that horrible feeling train to feel good when the pain is terrible.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Hope you are ok because there don’t seem to be any more blogs since August 2010. It is now 2011 August so I am concerned. I have just been diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome which has destroyed my brother’s life. Your blogs are great and help people just diagnosed.

    1. i’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis, and your brother’s. I have been posting although very rarely. Going through a rough time. You are in my prayers.

  5. “I CAN’T TAKE NO MORE, DIAMONDS ON THE FLOOR”. That is my life too, Michelle thanks to a medication called Cipro in the class of drug Quinolones. These powerful chemotherapeutic agents have destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives every year in this country. I have a website for all the people who’s diamonds are on the floor, . You can read them and I know you will relate to them immediately.

    Particularly read the story of Paul Levine, a talented musician who wrote very positive children’s music. He took his own life because there were just too many diamonds on the floor for him

    Read the story of the Petijohn family who lost their 23 year old nursing student daughter due to quinolone antibiotics. Their diamonds never cease to be on the floor.

    I have a toll free line where I listen to people’s diamonds on the floor for hours at a time.
    It is absolutely horrible that for $$$$$ the drug companies, the FDA, the legislators and politicians, the lobbyists and even the media would allow us to go on pouring diamonds on the floor without even a care for us. Just a care for their diamonds ($$$$$).

    I really appreciated the song, it puts into words and perspective the way I feel about quinolone antibiotic (actually chemotherapeutic) therapy that is unleashed on untold hundreds of thousands of people each year. I am one of them. For 8 years now, I’ve shed so many diamonds I could own a mine. A 20 year career – gone, a 12 year marriage – gone, all my savings and 401k – gone, friends and co-workers I knew for years – gone. And the constant never ending pain.

    Every night I sit up awake because the Cipro caused brain damage that won’t allow me to sleep and causes constant seizures, ear ringing, anxiety, panic attacks, brutal insomnia. I sit up all night and just pour diamonds on the floor. The floor where I live (with my 75 year old widowed mother and 14 year old daughter) is covered with diamonds, and a fresh set is produced every night. Quinolones must be taken off the market or we will hear much more:Michelle, see if there is any quinolone in your medical history. Look for drugs with the name Avelox, Cipro, Floxin, Levaquin, Tequin, Trovan. Who knows – maybe they are responsible for your diamonds on the floor as well. Again, as for me……..


  6. Hello, I am coming here as a sufferer and an advocate. There is a definite connection of many autoimmune disorders to a particular class of antibiotic currently being prescribed by doctors. What I am saying is: the antibiotic CAUSES the autoimmunity, as well as a host of other issues for many patients. Unfortunately,and sadly, the true safety profile of this ONE class of antibiotic, a synthetic and toxic, chemical compound, has been hidden from the general public (as well as the medical community in some cases). The FDA and the drug manufacturers (including Johnson & Johnson and Bayer) are fully aware of the debilitating effects of the Fluoroquinolones. Even so, the FDA had to be (only recently) SUED by Public Citizen to place the current Black-Box Warning (for tendon rupture)…. but that warning is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to ADR’s (adverse drug reactions) associated with this line of “antibiotic” (I use the term loosely), since it “works” by destroying DNA and healthy cells, much like “chemo”.

    The Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are among the most powerful and toxic drugs in use today, often leaving the patient with permanent disability. Some within this class are:
    Cipro(Ciprofloxacin), Levaquin(Levofloxacin), Avelox(Moxifloxacin), Floxin(Floxacin), Vigamox Eyedrops(Moxifloxacin in eyedrop form), and others, many of which have been removed from the market over the years due to severe injury and fatalities. Tequin(Gatifloxacin) is just one example.

    On another sad note…. the Fluoroquinolones have recently been approved for pediatric use, even though clinical trials have proven them to cause arthropathy in juvenile rats.

    Similarly, this class of powerful drug should never be given to a patient over 60 or who posesses any other medical condition…. yet they are being prescribed (often by IV) to many elderly and nursing home residents to treat simple bacterial infections. Vigamox (Maxifloxacin in eyedrop form) is also the “antibiotic of choice”, and routinely prescribed (or dropped into the eyes at the office, just before the procedure) for cataract surgery. The patient (mostly elderly) is not even being informed of the potential for serious adverse reaction to this toxic drug. This drug has the potential to affect the QT-prolongation of the heart. I personally know several senior patients who suffered fatal heart-attacks just days after having a Levquin IV removed.

    Even within the veterinary community, dare I say yes, this toxic antibiotic is being prescribed to our beloved pets. Baytril(Enrofloxacin) is just one of several Fluoroquinolones given by our vets, and also with no warning.

    One of the other many issues with this class of “antibiotic” is that the serious adverse reactions can occur up to months or years LATER. Months to years!! How many patients would even recognize that their “mysterious symptoms” were the result of an “antibiotic” they took years before??! Yet, it’s TRUE… which is why many sufferers and those diagnosed w/ autoimmune issues need to become aware of the correlation of this drug to their symptoms. Whether it was just one pill…. and 5 years ago….. or several courses just this year. There IS a connection.

    If you don’t know or can’t recall ever taking a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic, please check your medical and/or prescription drug records. Knowing the truth and the facts may save your life…. precautions need to be taken if a patient has ever been exposed to a Fluoroquinolone, no matter how much time has passed. Prednisone should never be taken after/before or during Fluoroquinolone exposure. NSAIDS must be avoided as well. And a patient must NEVER take another Fluoroquinolone for the rest of his life. They are cumulative in the body and have been attributed to renal (kidney) failure and liver toxicity.

    Please SEARCH, WIKI, YOUTUBE the “TOXICITY of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics” (I have listed several) and join our FACEBOOK groups. A congressional investigation is also warranted. The owners of the websites and continue to work tirelessly on this serious global issue.

    There are many links on both sites, be sure to open the drop-down menus. From FQToxicity, run by David Fuller, there is also a link to the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Yahoo support group.

    Thank You,
    God Bless, Comfort and Heal



    1. I want to thank you for leaving a comment and also apologize for my late reply. I have been back and forth to hospital getting a new infusion treatment that has literally knocked me on my butt.
      You have so much on your plate hun, I am praying for you. I am so glad you have such good support from your husband, he is a good man. We are both very lucky in that respect, you wouldn’t believe how many women I’ve talked to who have such rotten husbands since they got ill. I do understand feeling unable to ‘get up and go’ and I am very impressed at your strength in taking care of your mom. You are a very strong woman!
      Come back anytime you want and drop me a note. I’ll give you my email if you ever need to talk.

  8. I just want to say ty for this blog. I have both MS and Lupus which is a rare combo but it is what it is and I just have to deal. I still struggle with the 7 stages of grief over these diseases and I know acceptance is still way off. We can only hope more awareness keeps coming forward. Bless you all and here is to good health!

    1. I just wrote you a reply and it went poof into the wind of cyberspace, arghh! I have permanent fog head so I can’t remember my phrasing but I want to thank you. 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment, sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading, it is nice for some validation. I have so many dry spells in keeping up with this blog due to my health, so I wouldn’t blame anyone for not ‘following’.
      Ya know, I know a lot of people with all different types of autoimmune diseases through my support groups and FB and you are so right, you are rare. Has a doc ever called you an anomaly? My GP seems to like to tell me that like it’s some kind of a joke. I now visualize me throwing my shoe at his head when he says it, so I guess it looks like i’m smiling at his wit and charm, hee! I was wondering if you would mind telling me about the beginning of your diagnosis process? If so, could you leave a comment and I will email you. I have your email due to the comment form, but I don’t want to invade your privacy.
      Bless you too hun, hope today is good to you

  9. I, too, have an autoimmune disease and all I can say to those men out there supporting their women w illnesses, is YOU ARE WONDERFUL and truly do help! My husband left me because he couldnt deal with it, never even went to one Dr appt with me, and told me “this is YOUR thing, not mine, I’m too young to be tied down with this”…so God Bless You men out there supporting your women…

  10. Good Day Miss Michelle,
    this was my first time i replied after reading a blog since.. i really felt the sincerity of this page to all of those who have the sickness.. my girlfriend is already developing the symptoms of lupus and the worst is her mouth sores and everytime i see her feeling the pain, with tears in her eyes i feel so helpless and its the worst feeling ive ever had in my entire life.. we are only both 23 and full of dreams of a better life. she developed the symptoms after taking a 6 month of stressfull reviews before taking her board examinations.. she passed. but with the cost of her condition.. i really cant blame her for how the symptoms became active because of the stress because she really strived of passing the exam to support the financial problem of her family.. oh God.. she is always on my mind and in my heart for i love her so much.. Christmas is just days ahead and its very sad.. though we want to enjoy the season of breeze we cant because her muscles ache and this makes her really depressed. we hope we could get through this. i told her that we will always be together in every step that we make.. and for every trials we encountered in our life..
    i hope for all the wellness for all of us and with Love and Faith, i believe we could all get through this.
    thanks a lot Ma’am and have a wonderful day!
    Take Care!

    1. Hi Mark,
      I’m so sorry that your girlfriend is sick. It is very hard to comprehend why any of this happens to anybody. It’s really important that she doesn’t feel like it’s her fault just because she was under so much stress during her reviews. Who knows if it wouldn’t have happened anyway, you know? She’s lucky to have you to stand beside her though this, she needs all the moral support she can get and it sounds like you are right there for her. Good man!
      I wish you both good luck, and have a merry christmas to you too!

  11. Hi Tiffany,
    I’m glad you stopped by 🙂 And I’m really glad your hubby is in good health!! Oh good news, good news, we need more of it! 🙂 Sounds like he has a great attitude about his disease and his bored immune system, lol!!! I am working towards that goal; acceptance. I read a really great article this morning about how acceptance can change how we deal with our pain. I hope to one day become as positive as your husband.
    Stop by again any time!!
    take care and be well,

  12. Thank you Michelle for sharing! My husband has MS, which is also an autoimmune disease and my great-aunt has lupus. It is scary that the body can do this. My husband is rarely sick. The last time he had the flu was back when he was 7 and he’s 28 now. I keep telling him, “see your immune system is too good, it attacks both bad and good”, he says, “it gets bored.” 🙂 Thanks a bunch and I wish you the best of luck!

  13. Hi…I just came a cross this song and your website today. I heard the song and I loved it….after the song was over the dj remarked that Rob Thomas wrote it for his wife and their struggle with her Lupus…I started to cry…the song represents the struggle my husband and I have had dealing with my Lupus for the past 18 years….good news I was told this year I am in remission…YEA!!! but now I have been told I have RA! I cried…my feet & hands have become quite deformed in the last year…but I am on a new medicaton (Humira) that has made me feel much better. I still work full-time and I have wonderful family and friends….great doctors…and a lot of Faith. I have my sad moments which we refer to as my “pity party” and I am the only one invited 🙂 I usually I stay anywhere from an hour to a day or two then I get bored and leave 🙂

    My husband has taught me it is ok to cry and it ok to say it’s not fair…but it is also ok to live life and move forward…so that is where I am at…just living my life the best I can…loving every minute. Thanks for having your blog, it is nice to know there are places out there for support! Also thank you Rob Thomas for bringing this subject to the general public.

    1. Hey Tanja Jean,
      Late late late response here, I’ve been very sick and not online much. I let my blog sit and I feel bad about it. This is my baby! lol.
      Isn’t the song just so right on? I cried when I heard it. The lyrics literally gave me a chill and the video is amazing. I think that representing here as being frozen and thawing is about as close as you can get to analogy of how it is when you are having one of those all nighters.
      Congrats on your remission and I’m so sorry about your RA diagnosis. That is just plain unfair. I’m glad you are doing well with it. I’ve had so many problems with finding the right meds that when I hear of someone finding the one on the first try I give an Amen.
      Thank you for the thank you. I intended for this to reach someone when I started it, I’m really glad it has reached a few. Come back again anytime. (I’ll start writing again. Soon. lol)
      take care and be well

  14. Hey LBX,
    Well I’m glad that you accidentally found The Lane! I found a couple of my favorite blogs that way, completely accidentally. Cool 🙂
    I totally relate to what you said about looking great one moment but no one really knows what’s waiting for you later on or the next day. I deal with that a lot. Even with my kids sometimes, and they know all about my diseases and see it firsthand and yet, sometimes, they don’t understand why I can’t get up and go somewhere, when just that morning I was laughing and bopping around in the kitchen. I CAN’T control the attacks on my body and when they happen! If I could schedule them, I’d do it for the day after never, lol.
    Well, your welcome. And thanks for putting YOURself out there too! Come back anytime and feel free to go on and on whenever you like 🙂 Take care and be well!

  15. Hey Trudy,
    You’re right, it’s awful when someone young gets sick with an autoimmune disease. Whenever I feel really sorry for myself one of the things I tell myself is at least I had almost 40 years…a lot of people don’t.
    It’s good to hear you are in remission!! I know that one day it’s coming for me, I just have to have faith and be patient. And-take care of myself a little bit better 🙂
    And lucky for everyone-the 2009 Omnibus Appropriation Act is funding programs to educate health care providers, funding for a National Lupus Registry which would provide more accurate numbers lending creedence to this disease-I believe there are much more than 1 and a half million people…but I digress, the best part is the legislation also includes nearly $1 billion more for the National Institutes of Health, the NIH, one billion!! It’s amazing, and it’s for biomedical research on lupus. So, things are changing bit by bit. It just took a long time. And you are so right, more celebs need to come forward and talk about it. It’s sad that we have to rely so much on celebrity power to get things noticed, but if it works, it works.
    Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have many many more good days ahead!

  16. I ran across your blog entry by accident . I am encouraged by your courage to put yourself out there. I’m 34, and I too suffer from an autoimmune illness that started as a simple skin rash about 6 years ago. You know well and as you know it can be a roller coaster ride and we aren’t getting enough exposure as far as understanding. You look great someday but no one really knows what may be waiting for you later or the next day. It’s really hard to explain to people how it feels for your body to turn on you. I like to relate it to being in a invisible hospital bed that no one really sees because they don’t see you day to day.

    As for Rob’s song, it’s so simple yet so powerful. He really gets to the heart of it. That depiction in the video of her on the bed is something know all too well. I’m hoping some exposure will come from this. But I’ve learned that autoimmune sufferers are somewhat private and really struggle in isolation a lot. So it’s a catch 22.

    I won’t go on and on. I have bookmarked your blog and will be back soon. Thanks for your putting yourself out there.

  17. Michelle,

    Your blog is so very informative and your posts go a long way in raising awareness about autoimmune diseases like RA. Keep up that good work as I always look forward to checking in.



    Brian Kenney
    Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc.
    Corporate Communications

  18. Praise the Lord! Finally someone in the spotlight talks about autoimmune. I have had Lupus17 years, and yes those flares are hell. But even worse is when you completely lose remission. My heart goes out to Marisol, I hate seeing a young person with this awful disease. But you can have alot of good times ahead. The first 5 years or so seem to be the worst. I am in a good remission now and I enjoy every day of it. But you have to learn your limitations, how to care for yourself, when to stop, It just takes time. As far as funding for Lupus, there is NO federal funding, only private donations. Millions of people have an autoimmune disease and they are deadly. I have been waiting for a long time for someone famous to talk about it. Thank you Rob and Marisol Thomas. (I know it was hard for Marisol to allow the knowledge of her disease to get out) I have been a Rob Thomas fan for years and loved Her Diamonds even before I knew what it was about. You rock Rob. God bless you both.

  19. My Margee-I love you! Thank you so much. Your opinion means the world to me, and I’m so glad you like my blog. There are times when I doubt what I’m doing, and getting a comment such as yours tells me, it’s OK. 🙂
    Maybe someone is newly diagnosed and they can take away something from me-I don’t know.
    When I first got sick, I was looking online for information. Anything really. I accidentally found this woman’s blog called Good Times and Boxed Whine. I started reading and I couldn’t stop. She ultimately lost her battle with scleroderma, a systemic autoimmune disease. I couldn’t stop crying when she died. She never knew me, but I knew her and she was so strong. I tried to model my attitude to hers, but I couldn’t. I was too scared. And this beautiful woman, she was fighting a losing battle and she knew it, but she kept positive. She found 3 things to write about that made her happy each day. I thought, wow, she is really so strong, I want to be strong like her. I took something away from reading about her life, I’m not even CLOSE to being as positive as she was, but I try. If only one person can get something from this, than it’s totally worth it.
    I love you my sister. Big cuddly hugs to little R, she is pure joy, you can see it in here eyes!!! I love you some more xoxo

  20. Dear Michelle, Thank you for this blog. You are brave and to put yourself out there and discuss the personal aspects of this illness. Most people just try to find someone to talk to about what’s on their minds, hearts, bodies, and only beg God to put someone in their path. You are courageous to take on advocacy and the challenge of being honest with something that is so private. Now since reading this all I see are articles on Rob Thomas, and interviews, and performances, and who knows why but God. Could it be for my own reasons, or someone I will come into contact with, or to relate with down the road? It’s a journey worth opening up and sharing about. Good going sister!

  21. fibrohaven-your welcome! I’m glad you’re going to share it. I wish the whole country could know, if I had my way they would! lol :0)

    Lana-I am still struggling with the longest flare known to man….ugh. It has to stop at some point, right?? I’m sorry that you’re hurting hun. You will be in my prayers for some respite from the pain. Sending you some positive vibes~~~xoxo

  22. This is a good thing he did. More celebrities need to do this to bring more awareness.

    How are you doing these days? I hope you are feeling better. I have been having a really bad flare up that just won’t leave me along.



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