Dinkin Around

Dinkin Around

The Nugget.  She approves!
The Nugget. She approves!

I’m considering a total ‘do over’ as my grandkids say.  I want to change the layout of this blog. Hmmm

, I dunno… What I am doing today though, is update all my sickie links, some were broken.  I’m adding to it and also I will be doing the same for the blogroll.  It’s another I’m-stuck-in-bed-day and I sure don’t feel like doing the bills, Ha!  So I’ll be here dinkin around.

Pictured above is my lovely toothy grinned granddaughter, The Nugget!

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2 thoughts on “Dinkin Around

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s good to hear from you. I haven’t been by your blog in a while, I need to stop by and get schooled in SSDI, lol. 🙂
      Man, have i got a story for you. I haven’t blogged it, not the whole story. I got the royal slam dunk of rip offs when I won my appeal for disability. Ugh, can’t even think about it without feeling like crying.
      And, with that little depressing bit, I’m gonna sign off and take a nap.
      Take care and be well,

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