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Just Checkin In…

Just Checkin In…

Hey all. It’s been a strange week, sad, emotional. Leaves me feeling grateful which makes me feel guilty. Lots of feelings going on. It’s Friday at about 10 to 6 in the evening and I’ve cut myself off from the news for a bit. My mind was going on overdrive and the feeling in my heart were overwhelming so I gave myself permission to tune out.¬†

Right now Bean’s taking a nap. She does every Friday after school so she has the energy to stay up a little late with her sister. ūüôā I think it qualifies as a ‘parent cheat’ as C and I get to sleep in a little bit on Saturday mornings. Shhh, don’t tell anyone that we are flawed parents just like everyone else! haha! She’s snoring away and although it’s cute, it means we have to get her back into the ENT doc. She had her¬†adenoids¬†and tonsils removed and her breathing was like night and day at night. If that makes any sense. But now she’s snoring again and I just want them to have a look see.¬†

Other than that I really don’t have any new news here. Life is cruising right along without any major roadblocks, so that is good. I can’t complain. I hope that you are doing well, and having low or no pain days. That’s about all we can hope for, yes? Take care.¬†

I’m leaving you with my latest page. I used Rebecca McMeen’s kit Waverly. I love her style, her dolls are always amazing. ūüôā

Until next time,

Found an old blog…

Found an old blog…

It’s a beautiful day here today. It was supposed be 60 degrees today but I think it got warmer. I sat out back for a bit today to try and get some sun on my Elvira skin. I swear I thought I heard it sizzle. Ssssss, haha it’s hard being this pale. I freckle and burn like crazy. Anyway, I brought the laptop out back and made a scrapbook page of the Nugget. One of my all time favorite pics of her standing on our lawn with her arms stretched up in the air like ‘YEAH!!!’ She’s so dang adorable. She’s also the most devious of the grandkids. She plots and plans and she has a really bad poker-face because I can always tell when she’s scheming. I guess that sounds really bad

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, I mean when she’s scheming to blame something on her sister, trying to sneak an extra cookie, etc. Normal 4 year old plotting and planning.

                                                             I used Under The Boab Tree kit by Marta Van Eck Designs
Haha! I laugh each time I see this picture. She brings me so much joy, that kid. Then the gnats or whatever the heck they are were dive bombing me so much I had to come back inside. I think this burst of good weather has brought all the creepy crawlies and fliers out of the woodworks.
So, I started a new blog for posting my scrapbook pages on blogger. It’s prompting me to keep on scrappin. I just love creating something, it’s a good feeling. Anyway, I found a blog that I started right after I got sick . Wow…I know I’m not a writer, like at all, and this sentence proves that but oh my. I’m reading through it and I am SO angry. Which is normal, but it’s just trippy to read. I wrote it never intending to publish it, it’s like a journal. I’m thinking about going through it and removing names and publishing it. Maybe someone who is recently diagnosed can relate to my angry ramblings. I dunno. OK, I really have nothing new to say…Hope whoever’s reading this is having a good day, and that you have sunshine without a million gnats.
Until next time,

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I’m not an artist but I play one on tv…

I’m not an artist but I play one on tv…

Third day into Spring Break and I still haven’t sprung yet. Haha! The sun was shining today too. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow, tomorrow (I love ya, tomorrowwwww). I did get the kitchen cleaned and all of the floors swept. I didn’t even bother steam moppin as the dogs are tracking mud through the house EACH TIME THEY COME IN. Grrrr. This is going to sound pathetic but most times I just don’t have the strength to get down and wipe the mud off of their feet when they come in. So, our floors gets some prints and after a few days I’ll steam mop the heck out of them. Or tell myself that I’ll do it tomorrow….

I spent a good portion of time today working on the computer. I have jumped back in feet first with scrapbooking. This time I’m going to make it stick. It’s something that makes me happy, and I always feel good about each page when I complete it. Whether it looks good is a whole nuther matter. It just FEELS good to do something creative.

A few years ago I went on quest for the perfect photo editing/scrapbooking software. ¬†I managed to gather quite a collection of software over the past 5 years or so. I have Photoshop and I love it, My Memories Suite which I like a lot, but there is scrapping software out there that is so user friendly it’s pretty incredible

, like Craft Artist Professional 2. ¬†I bought a couple of kits from Daisy Trail, CAP2’s site, and that was all it took to get me playing in it all day. (a lot of kits on sale this weekend for $1.99! I know! this sounds like a paid post but it’s not! I love them that much! I’m going to stop exclaiming now!) I put together a collage of me and dad which I thought came out looking very pop art-ish. I blended it in with a colored paper and made a background page which I LOVE. But since it’s our heads on the entire page, I’m hesitant to cover it up with photos and elements lol.

Aight. I’m going to take my Ambien, put on Fringe season 2 and promptly pass out without seeing any of it.

Here’s the bg page. Is it weird because it has our

heads collaged? I like it!                                                                                                  

A Guilt Free Day of Art

A Guilt Free Day of Art

I spent the day doing absolutely nothing but scrapbooking. It was SO nice. I turned off the guilt filter. The one that pours into my head every thing that I should be doing or should think about doing. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. So when I get rid of those negative feelings it’s like ahhhh. I can just sit here and make art and memories and enjoy learning some new things in photoshop. Awesome.¬†

A couple of years ago I joined a digital scrapbooking site and I would get on and do a few pages and then I would shut the computer and not go back for months. It was always in the bad months when pain and immobility were getting to me mentally. I couldn’t scrap

, or blog for that matter. I guess this means I’m doing a bit better, huh? That’s always a good thing. I’m going to share with you a quote page I did. It’s not fancy or anything. I like the quote and I kept the page very minimal.¬†



Paper by Natali Design at Scrapbookgraphics dot com
The fairy is a free brush I found at Obsidian Dawn
I’m wiped out now. It’s 2 am here and I think I’ve scrapped all the my hands can handle. ūüôā I hope you all had a good Monday. If you do any digital scrapbooking or use photoshop

, drop me a comment. What’s your favorite site or tool to use? I’m only 1/4 geek, the rest is Irish. hahah

Until next time
Photoshop Madness

Photoshop Madness

I spent the majority of today fighting with photoshop. SO frustrating!! It was like it sensed that I actually had something to accomplish and it kept crashing or freezing at every turn. I’m finishing up a journal/planner for my mom. It was meant to be a Christmas present but I wasn’t anywhere near finished…so she’s going to get it for her birthday tomorrow. Now all I have to do is get this house whipped in to shape before she gets here tomorrow for dinner. It ain’t happenin tonight…¬†


Here’s a couple of pages from the journal. I used a template system by Tangie Baxter called Tangible Plans. LOVE it. I’ve been hooked on Tangie for a few years now, love her work. I’ll post a couple of links below. (this is not a paid post

, just want to share her with you!)

This page is really busy but I like the way it turned out. 

Soon-ish….there’s a lot of really cute prompts in the kit.¬†

You can check out her blog here. 

Until next time

Scrapping away the flares

Scrapping away the flares

This is what I have been doing.  I am addicted to digital scrapbooking and oh man

, it is fun. ¬†Years ago I started traditional scrapbooking when my friend started selling Creative Memories. I felt like a very un-artistic person when I went to the parties and everyone had these elaborate scrapbooks and mine looked like a kindergardener had put it together. But now, when I open them up I think, who did this? I actually have a little bit of creativity in me. Anyway, digital scrapbooking is a lot more fun to me. The kits that are out there are amazing and you can find freebies just about everywhere you look. ¬†Ahem. I just about killed our bank account a couple of times getting carried away buying graphics. That was before I found out that there are tons of freebies. ¬†It really is cheaper than traditional as you can use the graphics over and over. No paper cutting!! ¬†And stickers? Oh man, I remember going to the craft store and looking at all the stickers and they were like 2 to 5 bucks a pack. With digital, you buy it once and can use them a million times. ¬†Can you tell I’m addicted? lol

I’m going to list a few places that are worth checking out:


These are just a few places where you can find some good freebies. If you google it there are hundreds more. I included in the list places where you can find free kits, fonts, and textures. Enjoy!

I haven’t blogged in almost a month, not because there’s nothing to write about. ¬†I’ve been really sick and my body never ceases to amaze me in ways that it can hurt. ¬†I decided to start writing about everything else

, anything else really. I’ll be back soon =)

Kit used for above page: Autumn Illusions by Alla Designs at Scrappity Doo Dah

Better late than never…

Better late than never…

I’m back. Surprised? ¬†Me too! ¬†I’ve come to realize that I’m a flake now. ¬†Not because I don’t care or things aren’t important to me, but because my body dictates my life now and I really can’t stand that. I crashed at 3pm and woke up at 8:30pm and haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. But, better late than never, right? Onward!

OK, I decided to share a few things with you that I think are pretty cool, fun, or interesting. ¬†The first is something that I just heard for the first time tonight. ¬†My son came over and told me that my dad was looking for this Celtic band and couldn’t find the cd anywhere. ¬†They are called Albannach and are a Scottish pipes and drums band. ¬†Dad loves Irish music and knows the words to all the old songs from the Ol’ sod. ¬†So this is kinda cool that he’s lookin for a Scottish band. When I googled them, the first hit I got was of them jammin with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. ¬†Check it Out

I have to find them in time for Father’s Day.

OK, lately I have been completely and thoroughly addicted to shopping for graphics for digi scrapping. ¬†And I do mean addicted. ¬†I’m gonna have to have Big C change the password on our paypal account because each 10 and 15 dollar order adds up quick. ¬†Fo sho. ¬†So anyway

, (see, not using anyways anymores) I have been introduced through my thirst for everything digital to-Art Journaling. ¬†With graphics, yes! ¬†Perfect combo of hands on and digital. ¬†Or you could just do digital but I don’t think it would feel the same. ¬†And it really is freeing. ¬†When you are working on your scrap pages you are preserving a memory for others, to last forever. ¬†But your Art Journal is all your own. ¬†You’re not making it for anyone else’s eyes so it’s anything goes baby! woot! ¬†And you really don’t have to go buy a ton of stuff if you have some paints and pens, scissors and glue you’re good to go. ¬†You could even use an old book and work right over it. So, here are a few links to a couple of art journal blogs and I’m gonna hook you up with an artsy woman on video. ¬†The first blog is Tangie Baxter from ¬†She has an Art Journal Caravan that I highly recommend if you would like weekly prompts and half of that weeks provisions (which brings it down to 2 bucks) ¬†And the next is a Seattle artiste named Teesha Moore whom I adore! aaargh. ¬†It’s late or early

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, whatever that’s what Im blaming my lameness on. ¬†I’m going to link her blog to her first name and her .com to her last name. ¬†She’s that good. ¬†Wait till you see what she made while under the influence of six shots of tequila! ¬†OK, I think the video is severely lacking now, and maybe even annoying so I’m leaving it out.

Well alrighty then. ¬†It’s almost 6 am, I had to most ferocious, terrifying, slasher film nightmare that woke me up a few hours ago and my muscles from head to toe are killing me!!! Hey, I knew i couldn’t make it through a post without a little whine. ha! ¬†There’s no way sleep will come so I’m heading over to SBG where one of my favorite designers, Mays, is having a 48% off sale to celebrate her 48th bday. Graphics, woot! ¬†I love her style too.

until next nime

Update and my addiction to all things digital

Update and my addiction to all things digital

I had to delete my previous post, we now have to have a confidentiality agreement if we are to achieve our goal. ¬†I’ve never deleted anything before, sorry. ¬†Jackie, my one and only commenter ūüôā thank you so much for leaving some love and support. ¬†It touched me. ¬†Like I said in the comments that are gone, one day we are going to take a trip back and see my ancestor’s homeland and I will be ringing your doorbell. ¬†Lookout, crazy American’s storming your house! lol

I have so much of nothing to say now…our entire everything is under wraps. ¬†Well, in trying to keep my mind off of everything when I need to, I have become addicted to shopping for graphics for digital scrapbooking. ¬†I have a trial version of Aperture 3 for my pics (to DIE for) and Lightroom 2 (LOVE IT!!!) OK, I’m gonna link all of this stuff so if any of you out there is a photo/digital editing/scrapbook fanatic like me you can check this stuff out. ¬†I bought Photoshop Elements 8, which I do think is great but I want Photoshop really bad. ¬†Like really bad like a kid wants a certain toy. ¬†If I could throw a fit and get it, I would. ¬†But I would just end up getting up off the floor, wiping off the tears and drool and sitting back down to PSE 8. sigh. ¬†Photoshop is just too spendy for me right now. ¬†I’m saving my pennies for a camera upgrade, either a Nikon D5000 or D90. Alright, back to what I was saying, graphics. ¬†I absolutely love ‘window’ shopping. ¬†I have spent countless hours looking, I spent my fair share purchasing, but oh man, there is SO much out there. ¬†And some really talented designers.

One of my fav sites is ¬†Unbelievable talent all at one site. ¬†You can not go wrong at SBG. And one of my favorite designers there is Tangie Baxter of Studio Tangie. ¬†The link is to her Studio blog, which gives a link to her personal blog, and also to her store. ¬†She is an amazing altered art artist and has a ‘thing’ called the Art Journal Caravan-A Journey in Discovery. ¬†I highly recommend joining the caravan if you can. ¬†It’s a really cool way to express yourself through art. ¬†Check it out! ¬†That’s an order!

Another one of my haunts is The link is to their gallery, which has a really diverse group of digital scrapbook pages on display that members of the site have put up. ¬†So beautiful! ¬†The resort has a really laid-back feel to it and you won’t find nicer people that will help you out with any questions that you may have about scrapping. They have classes there also for beginners and intermediate digi-scrapping that are pretty reasonable too. ¬†Gee

, I sound like a commercial don’t I? Ha ha ha, I really am that addicted to the sites, the graphics, the forums and galleries

, and also to learning more and more about digital photo editing.

I just realized that I have TONS of resources to share and this old bag needs some sleep. ¬†I’m gonna call this part 1 of Michelle’s Obsession To All Things Digital and come back with more.

Until next time,


* This is not a paid review of any kind. The artists and sites, software companies, etc have no idea I’m blogging about them. ¬†Surprise! ¬†Peace.