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My Big Fat Greek Mom Guilt

My Big Fat Greek Mom Guilt

No, I’m totally not Greek at all. I was trying to be hip. Oh wait, hip’s not hip. Oh what? That movie was like big, like, a decade ago?? Haha, you know as I was writing that I thought, hey this is the funniest stuff! I do try though, don’t I?

Today is our son’s 23rd birthday. He lives a few hours above us, and due to his work schedule and his fiancee’s work/school schedule, plus the fact that they probably don’t wanna hang with the moms and pops when they do finally get some downtime, we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like. He decided he wanted to come down and go camping with his dad. ūüôā Perfect! But-I told everyone I couldn’t go, my body has been weird to me lately and I didn’t think I could make it in the heat and in a tent. I know. I have the most understanding of kids. They really do rock. So that’s not the guilt, here’s the guilt-I kept Bean here with me. She’s not awake yet and Big C and I could come up with nothing that would magically make her feel better about being home with me. She got to stay up late last night and see everyone, so she knows that they’re here. She gets SO excited when her uncle K’s fiancee comes. I say she likes A more that she likes candy and I’m right.

She’s timid when it comes to the outdoors, she has a hard time walking trails and fear leads to meltdowns of epic proportions. I really wanted Big C to have some quality camp time with K and the rest of the gang. If we had her go, Big C would be spending all of his time trying to soothe her so I made the executive decision to keep her with me. Here’s the thing. She has no idea that when she wakes up everyone will not be here and what the heck am I going to tell her. I kept asking C last night, help me think of a good way to tell her. Or just not a really bad way to tell her. I still don’t know. I’m thinking I’m going to tell her that they went camping for one night, and that I really wanted her to come with me to visit Nanna. And just hope she doesn’t hate me forever. (<—- melodramatic haha)

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m going to leave you with the cutest pic of K when he was the cutest. :0)


AAAHHHHH!!! He was so dang cute. Now he’s an adult and he’s still dang cute but I don’t want to pinch his cheeks anymore. They’re all beardy.
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My Gift

My Gift

Yesterday was the Bean’s birthday. ¬†She woke up early and there was a gift from her momma on the kitchen counter waiting for her. ¬†Wow! She said when she saw it. ¬†A present!!! ¬†I told her, yes, momma left it there for you to see first thing in the morning! ¬†Well, she was excited as she LOVES presents. ¬†What kid doesn’t? ¬†Last year we had 2 birthdays for her. ¬†One little family one on her day and then the big one on the weekend. ¬†Well, after that it took us at least 2 months of telling her every day that it wasn’t her birthday, every day. ¬†It didn’t help that she’s a Sproutlet and that dang Happy Birthday show with Chika is on each day. ¬†Confused the heck out of her and was more proof that everyday was her birthday and Grampa and I were full of it. ¬†Soo, this year we decided to tell her happy birthday, she’d get a gift from mom and we’d save all the festivities until the weekend party.

She has decided that she doesn’t want to be 5. ¬†She doesn’t want to get any older actually. ¬†She wants to be 3 so she’s closer to her sister’s age, but still older. ¬†She happily ripped open her gift, and loved it. ¬†Blueberry Muffin, a doll. ¬†Now her Strawberry Shortcake has a friend! She loves it. ¬†I love her. She is such an amazing addition to our family, and to our lives. ¬†Each day I thank God that she is here. ¬†My heart overflows with love for her. ¬†She isn’t just special needs I often say, she just special. ¬†Ok, here’s the thing. ¬†We were getting her ready for bed and I was blabbering away at the Big C about something inconsequential and she pulls on my sleeve and says, “Yamma, You are my gift.” ¬†Just like that, out of the blue and straight out of her precious 5 year old heart. ¬†I almost started crying. ¬†She’s amazing.

Thank You Lord for blessing me, again and again.

Bean's first day here! 5 years ago...
School’s Out For Summah!

School’s Out For Summah!

Oh yes. ¬†Summer is here! Well, it’s not really here here, but technically it’s here. Our weather is just behind the times. ¬†It’s still sporting a rockin mullet and wearing pegged pants…aaaahhh. ¬†It’s 2 am and you know that brings out the weird in me. ¬†It should in everyone. ¬†Stay up late and get random.

OK, the last week or so has been pure caca. (is that how you spell it???) So instead of whining about docs that don’t really listen, coma sleeps, glass feet, and muscles that make ya go hmmm, I’m going to post a couple of adorable pics of da Bean.

Brand New Bean!

New Bean!

My gosh. Time has FLOWN right by. Four years ago she was just a tiny bean and now she’s in school! ¬†She had her last day of school last week and there was a graduation for the kids that are going on to kindergarden. ¬†Oh gosh, it was so cute! ¬†The teachers built a little stage for the kids to step up on and receive either their graduation certificate or their ‘your coming back next year’ certificate. ¬†So here’s where it gets cute. ¬†The teach calls the Bean’s name and she gets up from her seat, steps up on the little stage, takes the certificate and holds it in front of her for a perfect photo op. ¬†She smiles and then after she shook the teacher’s hand she looked out at all the parents and says “thank YOU”. ¬†Everyone laughed and clapped and whooped and hollered. ¬†She was a rockstar. ¬†So she is smiling like crazy and sits back down as other kids get up for their turn. ¬†Turns out she’s the only one who said thank you (hee hee) and after the last child went up she got out of her seat and climbed onto the stage again to look out and smile at everyone. ¬†She stole the show.

Her Day

Her Day

Isn’t she just the cutest thing evar?!?! ¬†LOL, I know I’m biased, but she so totally is. ¬†I wish I could give a proper shout out to her school and her teachers, but I’m not going to use names without permission, or pictures (note the thought bubble over teacher’s face) and would never give out the name of the school. hmph. ¬†If you are reading this all the wonderful loving teachers in her class, thank you SO SO much for all of the love, support, and excellent skills that you have given her this year. ¬†She’s come a long way from the little girl who cawed to the little girl who could express herself with words. ¬†You guys are amazing and I can never thank you enough. ¬†Well, she’ll be there next year so I can start thanking you again! ¬†One of the things on my ‘well’ list is helping out in the class one day a week. ¬†I want to be there with her, and give her class my time. ¬†Oh how I am praying that my body will listen to my mind and mellow out on me.

Alright. I am so not tired this is ridiculous. ¬†Today is going to be rough. ¬†Ah well. ¬†I’m going to leave you with a bad pic of me. Not real bad, but just not good. Ha!

Until next time

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