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  1. I hope you are feeling better. I found your blog while doing some research for OFCCP 503.
    I completely understand your posts.. I was you a few years ago.
    I am better now, not completely diagnosed, but with a Celiac disease diagnose, and Hormone Therapy, life is better.

    Saying a prayer for you.


    1. Thank you Gabriela for your prayers. I do appreciate them. I’m really glad that you got a diagnosis. That’s part of the battle, right? Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you well. xo

  2. ohhh I see you kniow Peggy!!!!!!! one of the most wonderful women I have met in my entire life (which is quiet long and have seen LOTS of women in & out of it LOL) Amazing photography, LOVE these images….
    let me know if you would like me to make you a page with one of these (you’ve seen what I do, right?)
    Hope to be back here soon, great to come across someone like you 🙂

    1. Oh, I’ve been a bad blog follower. lol I looked up Peggy and remembered reading hers as well. I think I dropped off the map for a couple of years. And yep, I’ve seen your pages, I think it was at Digi-dares the other day and I signed up for your blog updates. I love your work, I’m completely aspiring to get to that level of talent. One can always hope, right? You can use any of my images on here for whatever you’d like. 😀

  3. Hi Peggy,
    Thanks for the beautiful compliments! I LOVE taking pictures of anything in nature. It definitely makes me happy =)
    Nice meeting you too, and no need to thank me for following your blog, thank you for writing it!

  4. Hello Michelle
    You have an excellent eye and a steady hand when using your camera.
    These photos are brilliant.
    I love viewing the world through photography too and take my camera with me whenever I am outside.
    Lovely to meet you and thanks for following my blog.
    Take care and here is some love and light to help you on your way.
    Peggy xxx

  5. michelle, didn’t joe have an interest in photography, too? i seem to remember him with a 35mm camera…
    your photos are gorgeous! clearly you are attracted to color 🙂 where did you take these?
    it seems like not that long since we saw one another, but when i read your posts i know that’s not the case. huge changes have happened in your life that had never occurred to me when i’d wonder you were (detox unit?!). i may just have to come to your side of the country sometime time and get the skinny. 🙂
    i’m sorry to hear your dad has alzheimer’s. i can’t imagine. i often think of the time spent at his place on the weekends when we were little. how nice it was for him to let me tag along on your time together.
    for about two years my sister was out of work, on disability. the downtime ate at her, too. in the time she wasn’t working she burned out on every hobby she’d ever had: sewing, painting, crochet, beading, stamping. she just started doing anything to fill her days.

    after writing this “comment” i realize i should just get your mailing address and write you a letter.

    i’m really glad you have this blog and write about what you’re experiencing. the good and the not so good.


    1. Dear Evonne,
      I love you! No one else on this planet shared my childhood experiences with me like you did. We were quite a team when we were 8!!
      Yeah, Joe used to be really into photography and had a darkroom for a time. He’s not anymore he’s a web designer and master computer guru. He got the smarts
      Yes, we need to catch up for sure. I will give you my address and we”ll talk.
      I still can’t believe I finally found you. I’ve been trying for years, and there you were on Facebook, amazing.
      love to you talk soon!

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