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I won, I won!

I won, I won!

The other night I gathered up all of our bills and stacks of junk mail. I always say I’m going to go through the mail each day and toss out all the junk so I don’t have a mondo pile to go through all at once, but I never do. So, I’m going through the giant pile and I see an envelope addressed to me that looks like junk. I open it and I see a photo that I took a while back along with a bunch of forms. Confusion sets in. So I read on and the letter states that I entered a photo contest and mine was chosen to go into the book that they are making. Slowly I remember entering this contest months ago and waffling between two photos, unsure of which one I liked better.

Here’s what they had to say to me “Michelle, your photograph was selected for publication because of it’s unique perspective and your artistic vision”. Wee hooo!!!

I realize that this is a form letter sent to each person who was chosen to be in the book, but I don’t care. Unique perspective and artistic vision…ahhh. OK, I’m done being humble. 🙂 The thing is, since I am so lazy when it comes to going through the mail, the date on it was early January. And it said if I wanted to be included in the book and be published to sign and send back immediately. Oh well

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, we’ll see if it makes it there before press time.

Here’s the shot


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