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Sunrise? Sunset…

Sunrise? Sunset…

OK. Last night we had the most magnificent lightning storm that I have ever seen. We sat outside and watched the sky light up to the left, right, in front of, and behind our house. It was so crazy, we were in the very middle of the storm. Of course I was freaking out asking the Big C what the chances were that we would get hit standing out in the backyard going ooooh and aaahhhh. He’s from back east so that automatically qualifies him as an expert on the subject. He was counting the seconds between thunder claps and telling me how many miles away it was and doing math while I worried about our computers, generic viagra online, the fans that were on around the baby and was it true that you couldn’t talk on the phone, and did that guy that worked at the fast food restaurant really get hit in the headset by lighting while he was passing an order out the window to a car in the drive-through lane. I was too scared to turn on the computer and look it up on snopes.

Well, the past few mornings I have been up at the crack of dawn, literally, and the sunrises have been magnificent. So last night I decided to dig out my tri-pod that I found on sale for $14.99 (cheap!!!) and set it up to get a shot of this morning’s sunrise. I figured with the freakishly weird weather

, it would be a really good shot. I fiddled with all the knobs and levers and could not wait until the sun rose this morning. I overslept the sunrise by like 15 MINUTES. I have seen the sun rise just about every day this week and they have been absolutely beautiful from the vantage point of my backyard. Picture perfect… So, of course after charging up the batteries for my old Nikkon and figuring out my new tripod, I would sleep through it! erggg… The shot you see above is a sunset taken from my backyard a little while back. It’s pretty too.

I’m going back to sleep.

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