New Lupus Foundation Message Boards!!

New Lupus Foundation Message Boards!!

I’ve said it before I’m all about social networking.  When I got the email announcement from the LFA group from Facebook talking about the new message boards I thought, “yay!!!”.  If it hadn’t been for a Lupus message board on yahoo, I wouldn’t have met some wonderful people that I am so grateful to have in my life right now 🙂  I also wouldn’t have learned from some ‘veterans’ on the board how to keep good medical records, how to be my own champion when it comes to insisting on my full 15 minutes with the docs (if your doc won’t listen to you, leave em) and the importance of having a good packet made up for ER visits.  If you can’t speak for yourself during an emergency it’s good to have a file of the meds you are taking, the conditions you have, your rheumatologists number, etc.  Anyway, I’ve just signed up for the new message boards and if you wanna check it out the link is here.

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