Time off for bad body behavior…

Time off for bad body behavior…


Hey all, I’m baaack!!  What a long strange trip it’s been…These last few months have quite possible been the worst time in my life. I developed full-blown Cushings Syndrome complete with 90 extra pounds-all in the stomach, neck and lovely fatty back hump.  I won my disability appeal and then got screwed out of my arrears…I received a check for SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS for 3 years of back pay (that will be a post all on its own) I also developed ‘chronic edema’ which I didn’t even realize was possible.  I thought if you held water, you could take medicine to pee it all out.  Guess what?  I’m keepin my water, it hurts, and it’s baffling to my docs.  I had a transvaginal ultrasound and a CT scan to look at my bladder, uterus, kidneys and adrenal glands and everything looks good except I have fibroids in my uterus now.  On a side note: my doc admitted that when he sees my name on the schedule he gets nervous.  He says I’m an anomaly.  I’ll probably look that word up some day.  My physical issues seem to just keep piling up and getting more baffling to the docs, and we have had many emotional jolts along the way that pretty much have almost shut me down completely.  My father’s Alzheimer’s has gotten worse at an alarming rate, it’s killing me to see him suffer.  And, Ms. Bean’s language barrier is frustrating her to the point of alot of screaming and cawing(sp).  Her baby sister, the Nug, is 15 months old and she is rapidly learning words and phrases.  The Bean loves the Nugget like crazy but I can see the jealousy starting to creep in.  I wish we would have started sign language early, I think I would like for us to try now.

OK, that was my machine-gun synopsis of some of the crazy stuff.  It is important to me to keep this blog going, but I have to keep me going first.  There was this day, this really really bad day.  I wanted to open my computer and write.  Just write until I had nothing left and I remembered I couldn’t.  I had found out through another blogger, that a health site that I belonged to had the rights to my blog’s writings, photos, the whole thing.  By me setting up my blog feed on their site I was giving them all rights.  Of course I didn’t know this nor did I see it in their TOU when I signed up.  But who really reads every word of those?? Me from now on!! I was livid.  I got on site to cancel my account, and wouldn’t you know it?  There was no link to click to cancel.  I had to write to support.  I received an email response from the doc who ran the site instead of support, which I thought was weird, but not when you know that you are being scammed into releasing all of your copyright rights to a website. I waited a couple of weeks before posting this, we’ll see if it turns up anywhere else……

OK.  If you are still here, congrats you sat through a dreary post.  Apologies.  It’ll get better.  🙂  It’s good to be back.

Until next time


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