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Day: January 18, 2010



My Angel!
My Angel!

I finally made it to see the rheumatologist at the hospital. I had to cancel my appointment a couple of weeks ago because my dad showed up at my door in a state of dementia.  I didn’t give them the reason why I had to reschedule, and they set the appointment out a few months.  I was so upset. The next day they called with an opening for the following week.  It’s unheard of there so I figure God was listening.

It wasn’t easy getting ready to go.  For the past month, maybe even two, I have been mostly horizontal.  My body is failing me in so many ways it’s hard for me to even talk about it.  I laid in bed until the last possible moment time-wise and then climbed the stairs to get in the shower.  I hate to say this or even type it but showering is near impossible for me.  I have to use a step stool to sit on, ugh, I won’t even go there.  So my and C finally get into the car and we are almost on time for the hour and fifteen minute ride.  I’m out of breath, sweating like crazy (it was about 40 degrees) and shaking.  All I wanted to do was go get back in bed and close my eyes and pray.

Minutes after meeting the doc I was hopeful.  He LISTENED to me, very important in trying to diagnose.  He asked so many relevant questions.  I felt like I was being heard for the first time in a long time.  He talked to us about the tests he was going to do and wants to see me back in 4 weeks.  I was a little surprised as I thought it was a one shot deal.  I want him as my rheumatologist and am going to ask when we go back.

Since my appointment was the last of the day, their labs and x-ray were closing down.  He actually ran to his office to put the orders in and walked us to the lab.  I have never ever seen a doc go out of his way like that.  I actually cried.  What a doofus, I know.  It felt good to have some hope.  I need answers just as much as I need some relief.

Have you ever had a doc go above and beyond?  If so, is this the norm for your specialists?

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