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Month: June 2010

Better late than never…

Better late than never…

I’m back. Surprised?  Me too!  I’ve come to realize that I’m a flake now.  Not because I don’t care or things aren’t important to me, but because my body dictates my life now and I really can’t stand that. I crashed at 3pm and woke up at 8:30pm and haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. But, better late than never, right? Onward!

OK, I decided to share a few things with you that I think are pretty cool, fun, or interesting.  The first is something that I just heard for the first time tonight.  My son came over and told me that my dad was looking for this Celtic band and couldn’t find the cd anywhere.  They are called Albannach and are a Scottish pipes and drums band.  Dad loves Irish music and knows the words to all the old songs from the Ol’ sod.  So this is kinda cool that he’s lookin for a Scottish band. When I googled them, the first hit I got was of them jammin with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Check it Out

I have to find them in time for Father’s Day.

OK, lately I have been completely and thoroughly addicted to shopping for graphics for digi scrapping.  And I do mean addicted.  I’m gonna have to have Big C change the password on our paypal account because each 10 and 15 dollar order adds up quick.  Fo sho.  So anyway, (see, not using anyways anymores) I have been introduced through my thirst for everything digital to-Art Journaling.  With graphics, yes!  Perfect combo of hands on and digital.  Or you could just do digital but I don’t think it would feel the same.  And it really is freeing.  When you are working on your scrap pages you are preserving a memory for others, to last forever.  But your Art Journal is all your own.  You’re not making it for anyone else’s eyes so it’s anything goes baby! woot!  And you really don’t have to go buy a ton of stuff if you have some paints and pens, scissors and glue you’re good to go.  You could even use an old book and work right over it. So, here are a few links to a couple of art journal blogs and I’m gonna hook you up with an artsy woman on video.  The first blog is Tangie Baxter from  She has an Art Journal Caravan that I highly recommend if you would like weekly prompts and half of that weeks provisions (which brings it down to 2 bucks)  And the next is a Seattle artiste named Teesha Moore whom I adore! aaargh.  It’s late or early, whatever that’s what Im blaming my lameness on.  I’m going to link her blog to her first name and her .com to her last name.  She’s that good.  Wait till you see what she made while under the influence of six shots of tequila!  OK, I think the video is severely lacking now, and maybe even annoying so I’m leaving it out.

Well alrighty then.  It’s almost 6 am, I had to most ferocious, terrifying, slasher film nightmare that woke me up a few hours ago and my muscles from head to toe are killing me!!! Hey, I knew i couldn’t make it through a post without a little whine. ha!  There’s no way sleep will come so I’m heading over to SBG where one of my favorite designers, Mays, is having a 48% off sale to celebrate her 48th bday. Graphics, woot!  I love her style too.

until next nime

School’s Out For Summah!

School’s Out For Summah!

Oh yes.  Summer is here! Well, it’s not really here here, but technically it’s here. Our weather is just behind the times.  It’s still sporting a rockin mullet and wearing pegged pants…aaaahhh.  It’s 2 am and you know that brings out the weird in me.  It should in everyone.  Stay up late and get random.

OK, the last week or so has been pure caca. (is that how you spell it???) So instead of whining about docs that don’t really listen, coma sleeps, glass feet, and muscles that make ya go hmmm, I’m going to post a couple of adorable pics of da Bean.

Brand New Bean!

New Bean!

My gosh. Time has FLOWN right by. Four years ago she was just a tiny bean and now she’s in school!  She had her last day of school last week and there was a graduation for the kids that are going on to kindergarden.  Oh gosh, it was so cute!  The teachers built a little stage for the kids to step up on and receive either their graduation certificate or their ‘your coming back next year’ certificate.  So here’s where it gets cute.  The teach calls the Bean’s name and she gets up from her seat, steps up on the little stage, takes the certificate and holds it in front of her for a perfect photo op.  She smiles and then after she shook the teacher’s hand she looked out at all the parents and says “thank YOU”.  Everyone laughed and clapped and whooped and hollered.  She was a rockstar.  So she is smiling like crazy and sits back down as other kids get up for their turn.  Turns out she’s the only one who said thank you (hee hee) and after the last child went up she got out of her seat and climbed onto the stage again to look out and smile at everyone.  She stole the show.

Her Day

Her Day

Isn’t she just the cutest thing evar?!?!  LOL, I know I’m biased, but she so totally is.  I wish I could give a proper shout out to her school and her teachers, but I’m not going to use names without permission, or pictures (note the thought bubble over teacher’s face) and would never give out the name of the school. hmph.  If you are reading this all the wonderful loving teachers in her class, thank you SO SO much for all of the love, support, and excellent skills that you have given her this year.  She’s come a long way from the little girl who cawed to the little girl who could express herself with words.  You guys are amazing and I can never thank you enough.  Well, she’ll be there next year so I can start thanking you again!  One of the things on my ‘well’ list is helping out in the class one day a week.  I want to be there with her, and give her class my time.  Oh how I am praying that my body will listen to my mind and mellow out on me.

Alright. I am so not tired this is ridiculous.  Today is going to be rough.  Ah well.  I’m going to leave you with a bad pic of me. Not real bad, but just not good. Ha!

Until next time

Excited Gramma Gets Publicly Dorky

I’m back! And feelin wiggy…

I’m back! And feelin wiggy…

I can’t believe we are halfway through the year and I’m still pretty much holding down my bed. There are SO many things that; have happened/are happening/are going to happen, it is overwhelming at times. I can’t post about them specifically as they are family issues, but the stress has all but immobilized me.

I have been putting off going back to the new rheumy to start treatment because there is too much going on and I’m needed here to help. At the same time, the longer I wait and the more I do, the sicker I become. It’s so cyclic. Yesterday I told Big C, just go ahead and call. Try and squeeze it in on any day that we have free and I’ll be there. I just can’t wait any longer. Oh, the guilt of it all is unbearable. I feel guilty now when I’m really sick because so many people need me. I’ve been pushing myself and I’m not new enough to think this will have no consequence. sigh. I need a shower people!!! Yes, that is my goal is to make it into the shower today. Taking it minute by minute.

Recently I posted my first ‘post’ Cushings picture on FB. I don’t look as bad as I think I do.(‘they’ say)  I still got it! LOL No, I just got more of it. 🙂 I’m finally coming to terms with the ‘cosmetic’ side of the disease. I am huge compared to my natural weight, but you know what? C still thinks I’m hot. And really, that’s all that matters. woot! I think he’s nuts but I’ll take it. Seriously though, we have seen more lows than highs in our 11 years together. They are usually not our lows, but lows we have had to deal with nonetheless. And we are still together. We are still desperately in love with each other. We are still our favorite people to be around, we make each other happy. He is an amazing man, and I thank God everyday that I was blessed to find my soulmate. OK, enough sappy shmappy.

But in the same vein as vain, ha ha ooohh k, I have found myself scouring the wig catalog that keeps finding it’s way into my mailbox. I’m convinced C’s ex had it mailed to me to begin with, but now I love’em! There are so many rad wigs out there. I WANT ONE. Is that crazy? Are wigs just for grammas anymore? I mean older grammas. I know I’m a gramma. Just not old yet. I’ll be 43 tomorrow, so I’m young to my daddy who’d 80, but ancient to my daughter who’s 20. whatever. So, I find myself picking them up and looking through and actually pining over 2 of them. Wigs. Pining over wigs. Who am I???? 🙂 I’m losing my hair, that’s who I am. So anyway, I decide to look up the company online, and just Google the name and the first couple are always a couple of ads. One of them says, why buy from company x when you can get quality for the same price? And I decided to click on there. Well, I must have been in need of a laugh, because I could not stop laughing. Belly buster laughs. I’m sure it’s-you had to be there-kind of a thing. But each model, down each row was just HILARIOUS!! And I’m not knocking wigs, or wig models for that matter, per say, just these particular ones. There was 3 faces they had while modeling the wigs. 1. faux sexy tigress 2. scared 3. incredibly embarrased  
I just couldn’t stop laughing. And who did the final go ahead with the website after seeing these shots?? I’m not talking about Paula Young’s site btw, I put a link up to her site. That’s the catalogue I keep receiving.  I really, really want the Renni, in that exact color… OK, I’m done yackin about wigs.

I’m really missing being here. I’ll be here more often. Promise.
until next time,

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