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Day: March 7, 2013

Vitamin D and Me.

Vitamin D and Me.

I saw my rheumatologist a couple of weeks ago for joint swelling and muscle constrictions. I was sure my blood work was going to come back normal as it has been for the past year.

I’m in remission with the DM. My muscles definitely are stronger than they have been in 6 years. Over the past year  my biggest problem has been crippling fatigue with the runner-up being an all over weak/sick/poison-running-through-my-veins feeling. I hate that I can’t articulate it very well, and coming in last would be brain fog it’s an awful feeling. So when my muscles starting locking up on me I panicked. “What if the DM is active?”  “What if I wasted this last year by feeling sorry for myself?” (I have a whole nuther post about 2012 as a whole) As it turns out my lab results show an extremely low Vitamin D level.



photo by Life Mental Health on Flickr

I started taking a mega dose of it once a week and I can tell the difference. I had one day where I woke up feeling GOOD!! I had a really good day and of course I used my energy on cleaning this house. I didn’t go to the book store (I call them heaven for books hee hee) I didn’t take the Bean out to the park or kids museum.  I didn’t go to the mall to get some skinny clothes because yes! I have lost almost all of my prednisone weight!! woo hooo  I need to work a little harder on priorities as you can see. I felt well and found a floor to mop and a toilet to clean.

I also started Cymbalta. I think their commercial is the one that says “Because depression hurts..” and I say hell yah it hurts. It hurts you emotionally. But they are talking about body pain. Hey, if it does that too I will be a happier and very grateful woman. Time will tell. I just think that it would be so amazing if all of my symptoms were due to low Vit D. What an easy fix. That would be so nice. Maybe then I could get well enough to enjoy this remission.

Do you have any experience with low Vitamin D level? If so, drop me a comment. How are you doing? 🙂 Gimme the scoop! lol

Until next time with a possible rant 😉







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