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Arthritis Act; Last Chance To Be Heard

Arthritis Act; Last Chance To Be Heard

Directly from the Arthritis Foundation:

Take Action Today!
Last Chance to Pass the Arthritis Act (H.R. 1283)

Take Action!

Contact Your Senator Today!

As you know, the House-passed Arthritis Prevention, Control, and Cure Act (HR 1283) continues to await Senate action.  The Senate will return the week of November 17 for a short “lame duck” session.   The House-passed Arthritis bill must pass the Senate during this session under the unanimous consent calendar (without objection by any single Senator) so the President can sign it into law. Democratic Senators have already cleared the bill for a vote. Please take a moment to personalize and send a quick email to your Republican U.S. Senator(s) and tell them you want to see action completed on the Arthritis Act this year.  We have come so far….this is the final stretch.
Thank you!

They make it so easy to write a letter.  All you have to do is go here and type in your zip code and it will take you to the form letter with either your senator’s email address or street address, your choice.  The form letter is completely editable so you can add your story to it if you’d like to personalize it.  When I wrote I added a small paragraph telling them why it was so important to me.  We have come so far and lets pray that this passes.  Thank you to everyone who contacts their senators

, I appreciate it so much.


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