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The Arthritis Foundation, “Inspiring Others”

The Arthritis Foundation, “Inspiring Others”

This video asks to forward on to friends and family and this is the fastest and easiest way to do it!

I heart the Arthritis Foundation!

I’ve been gone for a few months.  I’ll go into that in another post

, loooong story.  I would like to apologize to all the readers who left a comment in my absence.  I have comments set on moderation so they won’t show up until I see them and unfortunately I didn’t get them up until tonight.  Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for your comments.  I will respond to them tonorrow, my eyes are closing. (wimp here)  Thanks again everyone for hanging in there with me.  And don’t forget to forward the video!!

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Lame Duck Session

Lame Duck Session

What a fitting title, lame duck.  We are going to have to wait until next month or possibly next year to see what happens with the Arthritis act. There was no Senate consideration of the bill during the November session.  But let’s not get discouraged.  Thanks to all of you who wrote letters; I don’t think that they were in vain.  The Arthritis Foundation even states that our work is evidenced with the unanimous House passage of the Arthritis Act in late September.  We WILL see this through!

Thanks again



Arthritis Act; Last Chance To Be Heard

Arthritis Act; Last Chance To Be Heard

Directly from the Arthritis Foundation:

Take Action Today!
Last Chance to Pass the Arthritis Act (H.R. 1283)

Take Action!

Contact Your Senator Today!

As you know, the House-passed Arthritis Prevention, Control, and Cure Act (HR 1283) continues to await Senate action.  The Senate will return the week of November 17 for a short “lame duck” session.   The House-passed Arthritis bill must pass the Senate during this session under the unanimous consent calendar (without objection by any single Senator) so the President can sign it into law. Democratic Senators have already cleared the bill for a vote. Please take a moment to personalize and send a quick email to your Republican U.S. Senator(s) and tell them you want to see action completed on the Arthritis Act this year.  We have come so far….this is the final stretch.
Thank you!

They make it so easy to write a letter.  All you have to do is go here and type in your zip code and it will take you to the form letter with either your senator’s email address or street address, your choice.  The form letter is completely editable so you can add your story to it if you’d like to personalize it.  When I wrote I added a small paragraph telling them why it was so important to me.  We have come so far and lets pray that this passes.  Thank you to everyone who contacts their senators

, I appreciate it so much.


Arthritis Act-Floor Vote Today! Please Call Your Reps this am!!!

Arthritis Act-Floor Vote Today! Please Call Your Reps this am!!!

OKaayyy, I totally slept in and almost missed this, flu has really gotten to me.  Enough about me, time is of the essence so I’m just copying and pasting from my email…

Arthritis Act Scheduled for Floor Vote Today!

Call your representative this morning

The US House of Representatives has scheduled a vote expected today, on the House floor on HR 1283, the Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work these past 5 years, but your work is not yet done.  We need to make sure that if a recorded vote is requested and taken on this bill that 2/3 of the Members of the US House of Representatives vote YES.  Being a co-sponsor of the arthritis bill does not guarantee a Member of Congress will vote YES when it reaches the floor

, nor does a non-co-sponsor indicate he or she will vote against it.  For those of you with Members of Congress who have not co-sponsored but have indicated they would vote yes when it reaches the House floor, now is their chance to support the bill.


Offices will be open from 8:30 am- 6:00 PM EST.  We need all of you to please call the Capitol switchboard at (202-225-3121) or call your Member directly and ask him/her to VOTE YES tomorrow on the Arthritis bill, HR 1283.

Copy and pasting over.  I’m going to add the link to find the number for your own representative here.  It’s the action alert page and just type your zip code in the box on the right and it’ll tell you who it is and all of their stats.

Weee hooo!  Let’s keep our painful fingers and toes crossed!  OK, I’m going to go call


Arthritis Bill to be Marked up in Committee Today

Arthritis Bill to be Marked up in Committee Today

The Arthritis Prevention Control and Cure Act, HR1283 is scheduled for markup today before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. I totally missed the boat on the opportunity to call my congressional representative and have my voice be heard. I got the alert in my email yesterday and this flu bug has got me so down, I put off checking my email… I’m really upset that I missed this. All I can do now is pray. So many people have put in such hard work with their efforts to have their voices be heard. I really hope that it pays off. I want to thank every one of you that wrote to your reps and told your stories.

From the Arthritis Foundation email:

The Arthritis Foundation has been working closely with our Congressional sponsor and champion

Astma – Wat is het en wat zijn de symptomen

, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA), to address concerns and reach consensus with other members of the Committee.  At this point in time, although the bill has been formally ‘noticed’ (at the above link) there are still ongoing negotiations to avoid a non-arthritis controversial amendment that may be offered.

This is the first piece of bi-partisan comprehensive arthritis legislation in more than 30 years. The Arthritis Foundation, through its volunteers and staff throughout the nation, and in Washington DC has been fighting for this bill for over 5 years.  As an arthritis advocate, you have been instrumental in helping to build support for this bill through your tireless efforts at letting your Member of Congress know how important it is to support this bill.  THANK YOU!

This legislation, if enacted, will improve research and public health for adults and children with arthritis and it will help reduce the treatment barriers for children with arthritis.  The bill still requires House passage which is not guaranteed due to the limited days Congress is in session – we will be alerting our grassroots and our Arthritis Ambassadors to ensure action is taken before Congress adjourns for the year.  We will be working closely with our Congressional sponsor, Anna Eshoo to make a strong push to ensure the bill is scheduled for floor action before final adjournment and have been in continuous contact with our Senate sponsors with a corresponding strategy.  Although we still have hurdles to overcome before the President signs this bill into law, we will be making significant progress tomorrow.

In order to ensure “smooth sailing” at the Committee “mark-up” on Tuesday, please call your Member of Congress and urge support of the Arthritis Prevention Control and Cure Act, HR 1283 without any controversial amendments in Tuesday’s mark-up.

After looking at the schedule this should be going on now, or just ending.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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