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I applied for SSI, SSDI earlier this year. I was told by everyone in the know (and even a government agency) that I would be turned down the first time no matter what. They were right. It took two months and I received a letter explaining that I was not sick enough to qualify. It stated that I was able to work.

At this point in time I was told that I had Lupus (by the first doctor). This is common when it comes to figuring out autoimmune diseases; so many of the symptoms overlap, and there is no one test to find out what the heck it is. It’s a hurry up and wait game. When I received the first rejection letter I had started the prednisone but not the plaquenil yet and I could hardly use my legs. I walked like a slooooooow humped over robot, complete with old people grunts of pain. I had to use a walker and the pain was unbearable. The fear of Lupus and all that it entailed was unbearable. Back then, everything was unbearable. I was having night sweats, fevers, my hands would swell up like baseball mitts and split open in my sleep, I was confused, had head pain like I’ve never experienced before, and had days where C had to help me into the shower on a shower chair and I couldn’t lift my arms above my head. Non-stop pain and my quality of life was almost non-existent, and I could work. sigh.

I was told to hire a lawyer and start the appeal process. They told me it would take about 2 years. I lost my job after being sick for 6 weeks, when it hit me, it hit me just like that~bam. I had left my detox unit job for a full time at the immediate care just 2 months before I got sick so I didn’t qualify for FMLA. I was working both at the same time, but chose to go full-time for the better benefits and the day hours. Had i stayed where I was I would have qualified.

I applied for state medical help and was turned down because they said I was disabled. So I applied with disability and was told I was not disabled. I have been without insurance or a job since July of 06.

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, there’s some background on my story. I found this article in the New York Times and thought it was interesting and shareworthy.

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