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My Gift

My Gift

Yesterday was the Bean’s birthday.  She woke up early and there was a gift from her momma on the kitchen counter waiting for her.  Wow! She said when she saw it.  A present!!!  I told her, yes, momma left it there for you to see first thing in the morning!  Well, she was excited as she LOVES presents.  What kid doesn’t?  Last year we had 2 birthdays for her.  One little family one on her day and then the big one on the weekend.  Well, after that it took us at least 2 months of telling her every day that it wasn’t her birthday, every day.  It didn’t help that she’s a Sproutlet and that dang Happy Birthday show with Chika is on each day.  Confused the heck out of her and was more proof that everyday was her birthday and Grampa and I were full of it.  Soo, this year we decided to tell her happy birthday, she’d get a gift from mom and we’d save all the festivities until the weekend party.

She has decided that she doesn’t want to be 5.  She doesn’t want to get any older actually.  She wants to be 3 so she’s closer to her sister’s age, but still older.  She happily ripped open her gift, and loved it.  Blueberry Muffin, a doll.  Now her Strawberry Shortcake has a friend! She loves it.  I love her. She is such an amazing addition to our family, and to our lives.  Each day I thank God that she is here.  My heart overflows with love for her.  She isn’t just special needs I often say, she just special.  Ok, here’s the thing.  We were getting her ready for bed and I was blabbering away at the Big C about something inconsequential and she pulls on my sleeve and says, “Yamma, You are my gift.”  Just like that, out of the blue and straight out of her precious 5 year old heart.  I almost started crying.  She’s amazing.

Thank You Lord for blessing me, again and again.

Bean's first day here! 5 years ago...
Da na na na na na…

Da na na na na na…

Today is my birthday, it’s my birthday too yeah!  LOL  I have had that Beatles song stuck in my head since I woke up this morning.  Well, it IS my birthday!  Another year older, sigh. 🙂  It’s all good.  I have earned every wrinkle and every gray hair on my head, and when I think about it I had fun earning each and every one.

I have family coming over today to celebrate this rockin day and this weekend the Big C and I are going to try and get out of here, maybe spend it at the coast.  I wish the weather was better, but in fine Pacific Northwest fashion it’s rainy and crappy outside.  That’s OK though, sometimes it’s nice to go to the coast when it’s stormy.  It makes it all the more worthwhile when you finally get the campfire going on the beach.  This ol’ body is still flaring but I’ve chosen to ignore it’s call for all of my mental attention and have some fun. Thank you all my friends for the  great birthday wishes and a special shout out to my friend Az who sang on my facebook wall, and to my bff Angie for being the rockstar that she is.  She keeps me sane and anyone that can do that is amazing.  While you’re here and listening to me babble on, please check out the rock star’s site Family Life Pharmacy.  If you have no insurance (like me) you can save some dough on your prescription costs.  SHAMELESS PLUG, SHAMELESS PLUG!!!  I don’t do that for just anyone, this lady rocks.

OK, I’m outta here.  Gotta put my laptop and my coffee down and go get pretty for today!

Talk to y’all when we get back!

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