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OK, I’m getting pretty darn sick of not s l e e p i n g.  It makes me weird, or weirder and it makes me cranky. And I tend to do little menial things that no one in their right mind would do if they had the time.  Like getting the dirt out of the bottom cracks in the designs on kitchen cabinets with q-tips?  No one ever does that.  So if you can’t sleep

, and you’ve sworn off of picking up the computer (thereby probably blowing your chances of any sleep at all) put the q-tips down and back away.  Back away from the q-tips.  I wonder how many hits this is going to get from people with ear issues who are Googling q-tips.  Then they get this, and their like, I can’t stand to read her, it’s a good thing my ears are messed up, could you imagine having to have to listen to her?? ahhhhh hahhh.  I’m going to put on some coffee.  Then I don’t know what.  Maybe I’ll take some pics of the snow!  It snowed here last night and just a bit stuck.

Until next time (after a nap)

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