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Easter naps, fat legs, and Bowie

Easter naps, fat legs, and Bowie

.: Easter Eggies :.
Image by Warm ‘n Fuzzy via Flickr

I spent this Easter in bed, dozing off and on with the laptop sliding off of my legs every now and then.  Not my ideal Easter.  The Big C cooked a delicious ham with all the fixins- and I slept.  The kids had an egg hunt, and I slept through it.  A few of my grandkids got overly boisterous and got time out, I slept through it… lol.

I’m so tired of being sick and tired.  And yes, I know that expression is tired, but it’s so freakin true. I haven’t been around much because I’m afraid to just blog about negative stuff, or sound like I’m whining.  Each day I think about a post and I end up not doing it either because I am too sick, or too depressed.  I refuse to let that get the best of me!!  So every once in a while there will be a post with a lot of whining and bitching…no big deal, right?

Here I go…

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As promised

As promised

I’m still pulling myself out of the hole….here are some happy pics!



Today was pretty rough. I slept more than I was awake. On Easter. Very depressing.

Tomorrow will be a better day, that has always been my mantra. AND, Spring is here~that means I get to get out when I can and take more pictures. Finding a good shot of something in nature is better than a pain pill 🙂

Until next time

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