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The story of ‘Lucy’ by Julian Lennon and James Scott Cook

The story of ‘Lucy’ by Julian Lennon and James Scott Cook

Here’s a little info from Julian Lennon about Lucy.  I really like the song, it’s catchy.  Check out the video, it’s an interesting story, and remember you can download the song from iTunes and portions of the proceeds goes equally to The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) and the St. Thomas Lupus Trust in London.

This is a short PSA 🙂

And now the video and song!.Enjoy and don’t forget to purchase a download. It’s helps fund research for a cure!

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What is Lupus?

What is Lupus?

I stopped by my You Tube account the other day and I’m glad I did.  I got a message from Chandra, (theleepchatchannel)

, telling me about her new campaign for awareness.  It’s called LEEP for Lupus ™.  I really liked her video that described what lupus was.  If you’d never heard of lupus, her video is a great explanation of it.  I really liked the video and I know a couple of people that would benefit by watching this video.  Sometimes it takes hearing about it from another source for people in your life to ‘get it’.  Check it out!

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