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Update and my addiction to all things digital

Update and my addiction to all things digital

I had to delete my previous post, we now have to have a confidentiality agreement if we are to achieve our goal.  I’ve never deleted anything before, sorry.  Jackie, my one and only commenter 🙂 thank you so much for leaving some love and support.  It touched me.  Like I said in the comments that are gone, one day we are going to take a trip back and see my ancestor’s homeland and I will be ringing your doorbell.  Lookout, crazy American’s storming your house! lol

I have so much of nothing to say now…our entire everything is under wraps.  Well, in trying to keep my mind off of everything when I need to, I have become addicted to shopping for graphics for digital scrapbooking.  I have a trial version of Aperture 3 for my pics (to DIE for) and Lightroom 2 (LOVE IT!!!) OK, I’m gonna link all of this stuff so if any of you out there is a photo/digital editing/scrapbook fanatic like me you can check this stuff out.  I bought Photoshop Elements 8, which I do think is great but I want Photoshop really bad.  Like really bad like a kid wants a certain toy.  If I could throw a fit and get it, I would.  But I would just end up getting up off the floor, wiping off the tears and drool and sitting back down to PSE 8. sigh.  Photoshop is just too spendy for me right now.  I’m saving my pennies for a camera upgrade, either a Nikon D5000 or D90. Alright, back to what I was saying, graphics.  I absolutely love ‘window’ shopping.  I have spent countless hours looking, I spent my fair share purchasing, but oh man, there is SO much out there.  And some really talented designers.

One of my fav sites is  Unbelievable talent all at one site.  You can not go wrong at SBG. And one of my favorite designers there is Tangie Baxter of Studio Tangie.  The link is to her Studio blog, which gives a link to her personal blog, and also to her store.  She is an amazing altered art artist and has a ‘thing’ called the Art Journal Caravan-A Journey in Discovery.  I highly recommend joining the caravan if you can.  It’s a really cool way to express yourself through art.  Check it out!  That’s an order!

Another one of my haunts is The link is to their gallery, which has a really diverse group of digital scrapbook pages on display that members of the site have put up.  So beautiful!  The resort has a really laid-back feel to it and you won’t find nicer people that will help you out with any questions that you may have about scrapping. They have classes there also for beginners and intermediate digi-scrapping that are pretty reasonable too.  Gee

, I sound like a commercial don’t I? Ha ha ha, I really am that addicted to the sites, the graphics, the forums and galleries, and also to learning more and more about digital photo editing.

I just realized that I have TONS of resources to share and this old bag needs some sleep.  I’m gonna call this part 1 of Michelle’s Obsession To All Things Digital and come back with more.

Until next time,


* This is not a paid review of any kind. The artists and sites, software companies, etc have no idea I’m blogging about them.  Surprise!  Peace.

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