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Just goofin around

Just goofin around

Me and the Bean are hanging out together tonight.  (Her nose is drying up thank goodness) and I’ve got the laptop with us.  We got online to watch some Sesame Street You Tube clips and I came across a site called HULU.  Well

, I gotta tell you, I LOVE IT!!!  I’m all about free, if you asked someone that knows me that might say I was cheap, but I call it frugal.  Anyway, you have to check out this site.  Free movies, tv shows, video games and more.  I called the Big C to come check it out because they have free episodes of Heroes.  Yeeaaahh boeeeeyyy.

I’ll leave you with a clip of Ice Age 3, the first movie which made my husband laugh out loud in the movie theater…louder than anyone else.  One of those belly laughs where you might just snort and it’s ok…

Here’s the clip  🙂

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