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What is Lupus?

What is Lupus?

I stopped by my You Tube account the other day and I’m glad I did.  I got a message from Chandra, (theleepchatchannel)

, telling me about her new campaign for awareness.  It’s called LEEP for Lupus ™.  I really liked her video that described what lupus was.  If you’d never heard of lupus, her video is a great explanation of it.  I really liked the video and I know a couple of people that would benefit by watching this video.  Sometimes it takes hearing about it from another source for people in your life to ‘get it’.  Check it out!

New Ad Campaign for Lupus Awareness!

New Ad Campaign for Lupus Awareness!

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Hey everyone, I’ve been ‘offline’ for quite a while now.  I got hit by a flare that overpowered me, physically and mentally.  I’ll be posting about all of that fun stuff later.  First I wanted to get the word out about this exciting new campaign!

Are there any America’s Next Top Model’s fans out there?  I was hooked on the first couple of seasons.  Yes, I am a reality show junkie.  Well, Mercedes Yvette is the spokesperson for the LFA (she suffers from lupus) and was also a contestant on ANTM in cycle 2.  I always wondered why they called them cycles instead of seasons…must be a modeling thing, lol.  In Washington Comprar zithromax Sin Receta

,-77.0366666667&spn=0.1,0.1&q=38.8951111111,-77.0366666667%20%28Washington%2C%20D.C.%29&t=h”>DC yesterday Mercedes (representing the LFA), the National Ad Campaign and The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office on Women’s Health launched a new national lupus public awareness campaign.  Wee hoooo!  I get excited over this stuff folks!

The new campaign is setting out to help the public understand the disease

, know about early warning signs for people at risk for the disease so that they can seek early treatment.  I am so excited about this. With the way things are progressing, I hope that soon everyone in this country knows what lupus is, does, and can do.

****Here’s a link to the campaign,, check it out!

Until next time


**** sorry, I posted the wrong web address earlier, I have it fixed…now go check it out!  🙂

Shout out-

Shout out-

to the LA Lupus Lady for doing her thing

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, again!  She really inspires me and I am so thankful that she gets out there, tirelessly I might add, and is promoting every event and every chance to raise money and awareness for lupus.  I posted last month about the event that’s still come in November, right here.  Not quite here, and not quite here, but-right-here.  Does anyone get that reference?  Anytime I say ‘right here’ it pops into my head and usually out of my mouth complete with hand gestures, ahhh, I’m a movie geek.

Without further ado, here’s the video and thank you LA Lupus Lady!!!

Blowing up my blog and handbags for Lupus!

Blowing up my blog and handbags for Lupus!

OK, I know nothing about code.  HTML code or any other kind of code.  sigh.  I got on the other day to write a post and I thought I would add this widget from a certain Social Networking site that rhymes with Casebook and blammo.  I lost half of my blog.  I got most of it back but I’m still missing some stuff from my sidebar and I can’t remember what it was, lol.  My brain fog is thick lately.  I’ll work on it later when my caffeine level is higher…

Here’s what I set out to write about-

I met this really cool lady while surfing around on YouTube.  Her name is LaLupusLady and she is making videos to promote awareness for Lupus and the fight for a cure.  I really admire her ‘get it done’ attitude

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, she is amazing.  Here is one of her videos, it was a fundraising event in May for Lupus.  Get into the loop!
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She told me there were a couple of really cool events coming up to raise awareness and funding for lupus.  One of them is a silent auction for designer handbags donated by top designers and a few Hollywood stars!  From

With your help, a cure is… in the bag!

On Friday, November 7 Beverly Hills will be overrun with “Bag Ladies”—all rallying for the fight against lupus. More than 500 well-heeled women will gather at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for the 7th annual Lupus LA Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon.

Join us for this highlight of the fall social season—a wonderful afternoon of friendship, fun and fashion, centered around a silent (but very lively!) auction of coveted handbags donated by the top boutiques in the city, as well as directly from the collections and closets of Fendi, Chanel, Hermes, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts, to name a few. A runway show will cap off festivities… designers and celebrity models to be announced!

Honoring Dr. La-Doris McClaney
Lupus LA Woman of Achievement Award

This year at the luncheon the Lupus LA Woman of Achievement Award will be presented to Dr. La-Doris McClaney, a motivational speaker, writer and lecturer, and our first African American honoree. La-Doris spearheads her family’s longstanding tradition of charitable giving to a multitude of worthy causes, and when she found out her close friend was battling lupus, she generously lent her name and efforts to our cause. Lupus LA is proud and excited to recognize La-Doris McClaney.

It sounds like fun!  I am so addicted to collecting purses, although mine are more likely to have store brand name tags than designer tags…it’s all good.  I’m a little jealous that I won’t be there (a lot a bit) but if you live in the LA area, check it out.  It’s for a great cause and you could snag a handbag that came straight out of Julia Roberts closet!  I don’t care what anyone says, Pretty Woman is one of my favorite movies 🙂  If you see LALupusLady give her a hug, she is doing an amazing job at raising awareness for Lupus.  Wait, maybe just give her a handshake, we don’t want to scare her with a bunch of people heading for her with their arms wide open, LOL!!   For more info on the events coming up in the Los Angeles area check out

OK, now I’m going to try and fix my blog and figure out what the heck it was that I blew off the sidebar…

Til next time

You can find all the info at LUPUSLA.

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