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Flus, Pneumonias, New Babies, Oh MY

Flus, Pneumonias, New Babies, Oh MY

I really hate when I look at the dates on here and see that it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been around.  It just reminds me of how sick I’ve been.  These last few months have probably been the hardest on my body and my family since I became sick.

Good news inserted here~I’m a gramma again!!  Woo hooo!!! She is the most beautiful miniature bean I’ve ever seen.  And boy can she cry, she sounds like a little squealing pig!!  Her big sister is still getting used to the idea of having someone smaller and louder around than her…

When my daughter went into labor I had the flu.  She came into our room at 4:30 and the morning and crumpled on the bed and said it was time.  I was like, uh, no…  I’m sick and haven’t showered in a few days, baby isn’t coming now!!!  We skipped our morning coffee and brushing our teeth, ug, and got outside to get into the car. She had a really big contraction and doubled over and screamed at us, we weren’t going fast enough.  If we were going any faster we would’ve just floated from the bed to the car.  The hospital is only 15 minutes away during the day in traffic and we got there in about 8 minutes.  We just left the car in front of the birthing center and she couldn’t get out of the car.  Baby’s head was right there.  So the Big C reached in and lifted her out and we ran into the building

, yelled out her name to the poor woman at the L&D desk who’s eyes were like a deer in the headlights (we find out later she was just breaking the guy that normally worked that desk) and jumped in the elevator.  By the time we got the the 4th floor, they were waiting for us and we got her into the bed, the doctor walked in and before he could even get set up baby was coming out.  It was about 4 pushes and she was here!!!  Little bean weighed 6lb 9 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long.  She is amazing!

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