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The ONLY time I’ve ever liked the song Doe Re Mi

The ONLY time I’ve ever liked the song Doe Re Mi

So I’m laying flat on my back hiding from the mob in the house (kids, grandkids, the works) and I decided to go through my bookmarks and get rid of all the crap that I don’t use, have never looked at, and if there’s time before morning (ha) to re-organize them.  But of course, I got sidetracked and logged in to my blogrover and started going through the blogs.  I quickly crossed out all of the blogs that I knew I would never read, then started going throught the ones I wasn’t familiar with.  When I opened up Smart Mobs the first thing that caught my eye was this video.  I remember seeing one like this a while back but the travelers seemed more pissed at having chaos in their way and slowing down their travel than these folks do.  Have a look

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