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the high cost of bullshit

the high cost of bullshit

I went to see my new doctor today and did as I was told by my rheumy to let her know about these new symptoms. She ignored them. She gave me a pap and pelvic

, wrote me a referral for a mammogram and a referral to get an x-ray on my right leg because that’s the one that hurts the worst. I was worried about a blood clot, she is looking for an injury. How could I have injured it in bed? I’m practically bed-bound from all the pain lately. I then found out the radiology department is the one that sued me when I couldn’t pay my bill in full in their time frame and they locked down my checking account. I almost laughed, it just capped off a totally wasted trip of time and money. Going over to the window to pay the bill I see that it’s $200 and I questioned it. “oh” she said “we gave you the discount it was 361.” WTF?

She told me she would not take on my chronic pain management or my depression and anxiety. Which these things all stem from my autoimmunity so what the hell is she good for? I guess just a pap where I could have gone to the county and paid a lot less. sigh.

So here I am at almost 3 in the morning whining about my day. I took my Ambien at midnight, but it hasn’t worked these past three nights because of the intensity of the pain. I give up.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Amen.

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